Things to do in Playa Samara Costa Rica


Playa Samara in Costa Rica is located on the southern Pacific coast of the Nicoya Peninsula of Guanacaste. This small and charming city is located at only four hours by drive of San Jose. Twenty minutes away from Samara is Nosara, which has a domestic airport.

Playa Samara offers beautiful beaches and landscapes, as well as a vibrant wildlife. It is one of the best places to enjoy the Costa Rican pura vida!

The area of Samara will be a perfect stop during your holidays.

What to do in Samara Costa Rica?

Samara beach offers countless wonderful activities for everyone, whether you are looking to relax on the sunny beaches, are craving for some jungle adventures, or want to enjoy delicious food and drinks in the beach town.

Adventurous activities in Samara

If you want to see animals or go on unique and exciting outdoor activities, this is the place to go!

Horseback riding tours

Horse Jungle provides horse riding tours in the jungle and on the beach. Horse riding is one of the best way to discover Guanacaste wildlife such as birds and monkeys. These tours are accessible to everyone whether it is your first time ride, or you are confirmed riders. Children are welcomed too. Our professionally trained guides can do the tour either in English, French or Spanish. Check our reviews on Trip advisors and discover why we’re rated 5 stars 😉

We love our horses at Horse Jungle and you’ll appreciate how cute, nice and patient they are. And who knows? Maybe you’ll gallop on the beach or see a crocodile!

Contact us for planning your tour and ask us questions.

Hiking in the jungle

The Werner Sauter Biological reserve, located at Playa Samara, offers 3 hours long hiking trails. This is the occasion to discover the tropical dry forest, one of the most vulnerable biomes in Central America. You’ll see birds, bats and monkeys, as well as native plants from this specific ecosystem.

See turtle nesting

In the rainy season, one week before the full moon,  hundreds of turtles come to the nearby beach of Ostional to dig their eggs in the volcanic black sand. This phenomenon, called the “arribada”, can be observed, and you can even see baby turtles hatching if you’re lucky. But be careful to not disturb the wildlife. Be sure to not infringe any regulation, and you can even help the turtles by donating to the local NGO for marine conservation Pretoma.

Enjoy a gyrocopter flight

This tour will allow you to enjoy the beauty of Samara landscapes for a new point of view. The flight will take you to Buena Vista, Barigona, Carillo, Nosara. If you’re lucky you might see crocodiles quietly sunbathing, eagles, mantas, sharks or sea turtles. The view of the rainforest and mangroves is breathtaking!

Water & beaches activities in Samara

Surfing in Samara

Samara is a great place for surfers. You can find a large number of surfing shops and camps all along the beach. Samara beach is well suited for beginners and intermediate surfers. If you are an experienced surfer, you might want to try the Buena Vista beach.

Stand up paddle

If you’d like something easier to start with than surfing, stand up paddle might be for you.


Snorkeling along the coral reef, you’ll see tropical fishes, octopus, and blowfish. If you’re lucky, you might see dolphins and turtles.


Samara is a famous place for sportfishing. Pack your lure, rods and reeds, and go catch some big fishes!

Relax in Samara Beach

If you want to try more laid back and relaxing activities, Samara also has much to offer!

Practice yoga

What more relaxing than a yoga class on the beach? Enjoy Hatha yoga class in the morning, with a view on the ocean and the wind in the palm trees. You can also take a sunset yoga class!

Enjoy a homemade delicious ice cream at Casa Maxou

Maxou is a French guy who settled in Samara to provide its inhabitants and tourists amazing ice creams! The ice creams are made in front of you, and dozen of flavors are available, from vanilla, to more unusual flavors such as avocado or mojito.

Taste fine food

Samara has numerous great restaurants! Try local food at a traditional soda, or enjoy all sorts of delicious food: tacos on the beach, yummy vegan burgers, grilled meat, smoothies filled with vitamins, pizzas…

Relaxing massages

Treat yourself with a restful massage. Several certified masseurs are practicing in Samara, providing different style: swedish massages, deep tissue massages or ayurvedic.

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