The restaurants in Samara Costa Rica: indulge yourself with great meals


We are very lucky in Samara to be able to find all kind of food in this small village: local dishes, delicious pizzas and other Italian meals, or beautiful French dishes. Numerous expats bring their culinary know-how to Samara, and create tasty combination between the local food tradition and their own culture.

They is definitely something for everyone to enjoy!

Where to eat local and typical dishes in Samara?

All travelers who have been to Central America know that here we eat mainly white rice and red beans. In Costa Rica, the plate is colorful and complemented with other delicious dishes.

The Casado (for lunch and dinner ) is composed of rice and red beans, with a vegetable salad, some deliciously fried plantain bananas, a mix of cooked vegetables, one egg, and sometimes a slice of cheese and some meat of fish.

Let me tell you that after that, you’ll be ready to lift mountains!

For me, the best Casado can be found at the restaurant Lo Que hay.

The Ola de Carne is a a beef soup with root vegetables: sweet potato, yuca, carrot … rich in flavors! This soup is served with white rice and a beer (of course!).

At Pablito” they made this soup their specialty! Plan to go to the bathroom before coming because the restaurant doesn’t have one.

They are many other traditional dishes, served during holidays (Christmas, birthdays…), but they are difficult to find outside these specific dates. But we are lucky to have very generous neighbors who like to share their culinary culture!

Some ride a bike or are installed at the side of roads and offer to sell empanadas or tamales, cooked by the mama: let yourself be tempted!

(Empanadas are slippers stuffed with meat generally, they also come in a sweet version; tamales are polenta blocks of corn stuffed with vegetables and meat and are cooked in a banana leaf.)

The best places to eat pizza in Samara

I assure you that after 3 months of traveling eating only rice and beans, when we have the opportunity to eat something else we do not hesitate! What about a wonderful pizza?

There are many places in the center of Samara where you can buy a slice of pizza or a whole pizza. The question that antagonizes families: thick mellow dough or fine and crispy dough? I can recommend you two different places for two different kind of pizzas!

Mamagui: for the crispy dough! Restaurant run by Italians who have products and know-hows that perfectly reflect their origins! The service is impeccable, the food is generous! They also make risotto to fall and I advise you their deconstruct tiramisu: an original and delicious dessert!!

Pizzeria A’Mozzarella: for the soft dough! An Italian settled in Samara for a few years who has also brought his know-how. The pizzas are made on a wood fire. There are even giant pizzas to share! The 4 cheeses pizzas are tasty as hell! Make a phone call to order and be served quickly or order directly over there and enjoy the Mojito bar for a beer.

Outside the center, near the beach Barco Quebrado, you will also find the bar-restaurant (which is also a super original campsite) the bar Coq Quebrado. A superb drive in the dry season to discover the other side of the river and have the opportunity to taste their pizza (mellow dough and also cooked on a wood fire).

Eat on the beach

To admire the sunset, feet in the sand, with a good pina colada, followed by a nice dish: Lo que hay is the place for you! The shrimp are delicious, the whole fish too (variety according to the catch of the day)! The side dishes are very good too. Very good value for money in my opinion. It might be sometimes crowded, plan to order the dish at the same time as the cocktail 😉

If you wish to eat vegetarian, the delicious vegan burgers from Luv burger are for you! The Luv burger has recently moved to the beach, and serves burgers with smoothies and other beverages. We advise you their cocobacon burger, which recreates the flavor of grilled bacon with slices of coconut smoke. Even the most carnivorous will be convinced …

And if you are looking for a downright succulent restaurant …

The Samara Pacific Lodge, a choice of divine plates where you will not be disappointed! The secret of their success is their limited choice of food because everything is good! The products are fresh, selected, colored. The plates are decorated. The cuisine is local but inspired by European culinary traditions. Number 1 when you want to have fun, the prices are reasonable! The team is smiling, dynamic and adorable.

My favorites: the passion fruit shrimps or the tuna tataki. It is also an opportunity to taste the coffee liquor produced here in Costa Rica: the coffee rica.

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