About Horse Jungle

French, I settled in Samara (Costa Rica) during a trip to Central America. Taking over Horse Jungle was an obvious way of reconciling my desire for exoticism and my love of horses.

I had been a horse guide for several years in my Savoyard mountains.

“Horses have been part of my life for over 30 years now, and I’ll never be able to do without them!”

Costa Rica is a perfect sanctuary for me as a nature lover. I also enjoy all the leisure activities it has to offer: surfing, fishing, hiking…

I’m helped by a team of locals who are also passionate about horses and nature. It’s a great source of sharing, centered on horses and riding. And you never stop learning!

I’m also lucky enough to welcome osteopaths and equine dentists, … to the delight of our horses!

“My loulous are so adorable, kind and brave… They really deserve to be taken care of!”

We take advantage of our tours to pass on our passion and share our knowledge of Costa Rica’s local flora and fauna!

For our greatest pleasure… and yours too!