Horse's Health care

At HorseJungle, you can book your tour with your eyes closed: you can be sure that the horses are extremely in good shape. They are really healthy and happy :
Quality food, care and cuddles every day. Yes, but also dentistry and equine osteopathy.

And yes, all enthusiasts who take good care of their equines know that it’s essential for their companion to have an annual check-up.

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The principle is simple: we open the mouth with a donkey step and use a diamond burr to file the teeth and ensure that the horse is as comfortable as possible, so that he can eat properly.

A visit to the equine osteopath is no luxury either. Horses live outside, sometimes having fun, sometimes chasing each other, sometimes even falling over, dislocating bones or pulling muscles.

We’re lucky enough to have a French professional living very close to the ranch. So the horses benefit regularly from his care. And our Marc has golden hands! His treatments are prodigious, and he works on both horses and humans (for contact details: +506 6294 5390).